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The Chester Classic Series is scheduled for  Friday Aug 9th thru Sunday Aug. 11th. has been appointed administrator of CC racing for 2019

Either click on the link above or enter the address on your browser to go to the site

then search for chester. You will find Chester Race week on the left and Chester Classics
on the right.

Once there you will find the official Notification of Race, Sailing Instructions, Registration Form.
Yacht Scoring will also accept your $50.00 entry fee. 
Announcements, race results, and all manner of other valuable information will appear on the Yacht Scoring page
as well.
If you need help using the page call me (902) 275 5008 or Topher at (610) 220 1241

The racing will be around the buoys, pursuit stile. (time allowance taken at the start. First over finish line wins)
This should add some nostalgia for those who sailed the Saturday "free for alls" of yesteryear!

The definition of Classic Boat has been expanded so lots more boats are eligible.

Two new cups one for the IODs and one for the Tiny boats ie Herreshoff 12 1/2 have been added.

Please join us for the 2019 Chester Classic Series and let your friends know about the event.

Best Regards John and Topher Wurts

Email fromTopher Wurts
As we continue to evolve the event to make it meaningful, we've made some more changes for this year:

    - Administration is now via Yacht Scoring at:
        - The good news is that next year’s event will be up immediately after this years event as it will now be copy and paste!

    - All races are open to all keelboats - the theme being to “Come Sail with the Classics” and the idea that it’s an opportunity for all sailors to get close to the classic yachts under sail and to increase participation as the core group of classic yachts continues to be volatile

    - All races are pursuit style as I've observed how popular this format is at Charleston Race Week and it has several benefits for us/this event:
        - starting at a time is more amateur and family friendly
        - one design fleets can participate and get a one design start at their specific time and within the event and can be easily scored and awarded separately
        - courses can include some inside the harbor legs after the start so spectators get to see some maneuvers
        - boats should all come home closely together which means providing that iconic view of sails coming in at once
        - races can be timed for finishes to precede cocktail hour and included a parade if desirable to engage more shoreside spectators as boats finish vs watching a start and then having boats come home all different times
        - the whole pursuit approach is as “classic” a race format for Chester as it gets as it was the cornerstone of old

    - We have the “R Cubed" cup now which is awarded to the IOD with the best combined scores within the IOD group in this event and CRW.

    - We can have awards and prizes within this event for one design for IODs while also allowing them to be in the hunt for the Ondaatje Classics Cup with the other handicap classics

    - This event can provide a great “practice series” just before CRW for all types of boats and one design fleets

    - R/C will be upland on Debbie’s lawn with the line between Debbie’s giant flag pole and a large inflatable well out in the harbor which simplifies R/C allowing for more volunteer R/C help with less need for equipment and “on the water” staffing

    - The event will become a charity regatta and this year, I’m designating that Autism Nova Scotia will get all proceeds

I hope that you’ll consider encouraging the IOD fleet to support the event in this new format, which I think is very favorable for the IOD fleet in many respects.


PS Hey Topher don't forget the Tiny Classics

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